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Apostolic Ministry

The difference between a Pastor and Apostle: Pastors shepherd the flock, feeding the saints and protecting them (Jer 23:2). The term literally means 'those who tend a flock,' and so is clearly not a title (when is the last time you met a sheepherder with a title?) Apostles are sent to preach the gospel and make disciples (Luke 9:10, Acts 2:42 and 4:33).

The term "Apostolic" represents the belief that church government is to be exercised through the New Testament ministry of apostles (working in conjunction with New Testament prophets) in order to experience the same kind of leadership as that exercised by the original apostles who followed Christ. Through Apostolic and Prophetic impartation, the Spirit of the Lord is making known to you the unfathomable riches of Christ, that could not come by any means but the revelation of the Spirit.

The gifts have also been categorized as those that promote the inner growth of the church (apostle, prophecy, distinguishing between spirits, teaching, word of wisdom/knowledge, helps, and administration) and those that promote the church's outer development (faith, miracles, healing, tongues, interpretation of tongues..)



There are four types of Apostles:


  1. The Chief/Head Apostle which is Jesus

  2. The 12 Apostles of the Lamb that walked alongside of Jesus.

  3. The Foundational/Transitional Apostles such as Paul, James and Jude.

  4. The Ascension gifts of Apostle, which is today’s modern Apostle. They establish Kingdom Culture.


Dr. C. Peter Wagner commissioned Michael & Jill into the Apostolic to further the work of the Kingdom

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