Apostolic Network globally connecting, empowering, and equipping God's people

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"By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, honor and life." Proverbs 22:4

About Us

Kingdom Connections International functions as an Apostolic Network operating globally in the spheres of Ministry, Government, and Commerce with the goal of connecting, empowering, and equipping people to accelerate them into spiritual maturity for the fulfillment of the end-time harvest.




In this day and age of shifting social media platforms, we have launched a new website for these reasons:


1. To make it easy to be connected with us!

 At the bottom of the homepage after signing up, you will receive emails about upcoming events.


2. To give you an easier giving platform. It is an App for your phone and or computer.


3. We chose to get rid of PayPal when we realized they gave a percentage of every dollar to Planned Parenthood.


Welcome to the New Season as Kingdom Connections International shifts out of the Old into the new!


WE love you ,

Jill and Michael O'Brien


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God brought Michael and Jill to our city and the Holy Spirit did miracles! They released and imparted the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Healings are now

manifesting in our services, and we are experiencing a refreshment from Heaven. Thank God for these two humble people of God!

Pastor Yermek


Featured Ministry Partner

Dr. Saundra Seale

Ministry Website

Dr. Saundra Seale,has known a life of supernatural glory, beginning at the age of 5. Her parents worked for such greats as David Nun, AA Allen these meetings is where the oil began. Jack Coe, Oral Roberts, Kathryn Khulman (A life-changing experience when Katherine Kulhman, spoke into her life and blessed her as a teenager) and many others, as their personal prayer ministers. She is from a rich heritage of ministers that has covered many centuries.


She has been a guest on PTtL, TBN, Daystar and a host of her own program for several years on I Am Broadcasting. One of the great generals of her time was Ruth Ward Heflin who played a huge role in her life as they traveled to over 70 nations, and had the joy of many great experiences from the Charismatic renewal in Italy, Russia, and China as well as the great Brownsville Revival. She is known for her prophetic gifts and her ability to see in the Heavenly.

Dr. Seale ministers as a Revivalist by calling and a Psychologist by training. It is her desire to have daily "Heavenly Encounters" and encourages those around her to experience the same.   

This I Know. Book. S.Seale

Dr. Saundra's Latest Book: 

This I Know

Truths learned from 70 years of living in the Golden Glory

Dr. Saundra Seale