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"By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, honor and life." Proverbs 22:4

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Kingdom Connections International functions as an Apostolic Network operating globally in the spheres of Ministry, Government, and Commerce with the goal of connecting, empowering, and equipping people to accelerate them into spiritual maturity for the fulfillment of the end-time harvest.

Jill and Michael 2021


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We send you love and blessings from the very tip of the peninsula of Baja California Sur deep in the Pacific Ocean from a lil

respite called Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  The Lord brought us here last October and it has been a beautiful safe haven

from crazy politics and the infamous virus.  Covid free down here with clean, organic food and lots of Vitamin D with daily sunshine.  We have a saying: No Bad Days in Cabo.


God sovereignly brought us here because Michael had been poisoned by large doses of antiquated blood pressure meds, prescribed by the NHS in England, for a long period of time.  It has taken months with many different wonderful physicians to sort out the damage to his body from literally head to toe.  The medical down here is excellent with young, sharp, current physicians.  But the coûte de gras was our wonderful Heavenly Father visited Michael 3 weeks ago for 6 hours and he is totally healed!! Michael is now able to walk/jog and do exercises.  Whilst prior to his healing encounter, he could not get in and out of bed or chairs by himself.  It has been a challenging season, but we are thrilled to report the Victory here at Christmas time!


We continue to support our 14 plus churches in Kazakhstan by zoom teachings and last weekend we did an hour and a half live Instagram teaching and ministry time.  These are house churches that started organically during Covid all over the nation.  The ministry we helped found is Kingdom of God Ministries that lays the foundation of the Book of Acts and Ephesians 4:11 five fold ministry which the early Christian church created and it still works well today.  It is a joy to our hearts to see the hunger and passion of these new converts!


We still support Apostle Allan Jiya and Holy Ghost Evangelistic Ministries  55 churches in Malawi, Africa.  They all desperately need finances. We are proud of their farm project where they are continuing to grow watermelons and other produce to help support their mission.  They have been a huge support in prayer for us to see the wealth transfer manifest.


Since being in Mexico for 14 months, we have had the privilege to lead many to Christ and many are baptized in the Holy Spirit and water baptized as well. Glorious!  Well one of our lil converts, Alejandra, was recently abandoned with her 3 young sons the week before Christmas by her 42 year old husband and the children's father! He emptied out their home of everything but the children's beds.  He now has a 17 year old girlfriend that he has moved into their family home  Sooo we kicked into gear and our other new convert Paulina helped us find a used refrigerator.  Our landlord is providing Alejandra an oven/stove combo, and our Lilly provided the shelves for her kitchen.  Kingdom Connections took her to Walmart and outfitted her lil kitchen and bathroom and found a lovely sofa for her living space plus $100 to buy the children Christmas presents.  Our heart is breaking for her and we want to do so much more.  Another Cabo friend is bringing a suitcase of new little boy clothes today.  The Spirit of Giving is our greatest Joy as I am sure it is yours.  We just wanted to share some current testimonies of our life in Mexico with you to give you a feel of our heart for this precious nation.


We are also teaching and ministering on zoom to Latvia and South America with many nations.  People are hungry worldwide for the truth and freedom that ONLY CHRIST CAN GIVE. We have stayed busy with health and ministry and want you to know that YOU are part of all we do and are!  We have increased our staff with a Media and Financial Director.  They are amazing and keeping us organized like never before!


Please let us hear from you and know you are LOVED, HIGHLY FAVORED AND BLESSED!!




Jill and Michael O'Brien

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February 17-19, 2022

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God brought Michael and Jill to our city and the Holy Spirit did miracles! They released and imparted the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Healings are now

manifesting in our services, and we are experiencing a refreshment from Heaven. Thank God for these two humble people of God!

Pastor Yermek


Featured Ministry Partner

Dr. John Mark & Paula Rodgers


Dr. J. Mark and Paula Rodgers have been married for 40 years

and have two children. They enjoy a host of outdoor sports

including snow skiing, white-water canoeing/kayaking,

backpacking, raising wildflowers, and mountain bike riding.

Paula is a registered Dental Hygienist receiving her degree from

East Tennessee University in 1977. She has begun working on a

fine arts degree at the TTU and is a weaver and fabric designer

among other artful pursuits. Paula also taught a wide variety of art

classes and has been recognized by the Cumberland Art Society

for her work with fabrics and has displayed her work numerous venues in Cookeville.

Marks architectural career began with a calling in 1970 and he never looked back. He earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree with honors from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee and is a registered architect. He also holds a NCARB certificate as well as is a Green Building Council USA, LEED AP BD+C certification.    

While attending The University of Tennessee, Dr. Rodgers served as President of the UTK Associated Student Chapter (ASC) of the American Institute of Architects and Gulf States Regional Director for the same student organization. In 1978 Dr. Rodgers received a Chancellor's Citation for extraordinary professional promise and was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi Medal for service and leadership to the School of Architecture.

Mark also holds masters and Doctorate postgraduate degrees in Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute. Dr. Rodgers has trained and lead community transformation prayer teams in Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky. He is a specialist in Spiritual Mapping.  His primary calling is prophetic intercession (praying God’s heart not just his own). He carries a “gift of faith” for intercession thru dream interpretation.

In 2019, Dr. Rodgers sought out, and was ordained thru Kingdom Connections International (KCI). He sought out KCI over all other networks for its common vision, heart for God, and service to mankind internationally. Mark and Paula are honored and thrilled to be part of the KCI Apostolic network.  

Mark retired from public architectural practice some ten years ago. At present he drives a school bus for the Putnam County School System where he cares for some 74 at risk children of various ages. Dr. Rodgers is writing a book testifying to the fruit of what happens when Kingdom dynamics are released into our broken society.  He received the “I make a difference” award from the Director of Schools, Putnam County, Tennessee.   

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