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Hey, Hey, Hey Houston

By: Becca Greenwood

Flying into Houston tonight to spend 2 days with my Mom. We lived in this city for 10 years- 1990-2000. We loved our time in this city. There were significant moves of Holy Spirit occuring in the metroplex during that time. As we fly in tonight, I am hearing a word of the Lord. The word I am hearing is a very different word for me to share. Meaning, the wording of what I am hearing. But I am going to share it the way I am hearing the Lord speak the word.

"Hey, hey Houston. Hey, hey Houston. There are many who have thought the glory of the past season is behind and will not break out again. But the latter glory will be greater than the former glory. Houston, you are called to bring healing to a city and to the nations. There is a glory hovering that is stirring a hunger in a remnant much like Gideons army. It is stirring with a new Holy Spirit fire and passion. To those intercessors who are carrying the burden of awakening for this city, be encouraged. There is a sound in the atmosphere of awakening. The move of the Spirit will look different in this season. A Gideons army of leaders and believers will form. And the healing anointing to the nations is awakening again. The shroud of heaviness, division and religion are breaking from over the region. Hey, hey Houston let the healing anointing to the nations come alive."

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