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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

By Lana Vawser

January 1, 2021

For the last few weeks, I have been hearing the Lord speaking over the body of Christ and He said, “I AM BRINGING HEALTH AND HEALING TO YOU”. There are many in the body of Christ right now who have suffered intense trauma, there are battle wounded warriors, and many who have been brought to breaking point in the last year.

The Lord showed me that as we moved into 2021 that He is bringing health and healing. He is bringing restoration and renewal. He is bringing revival and resurrection within hearts. Many have felt they have been walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Many have felt they have been knocked around and hit in every direction and many have been left feeling deeply weary. Friend, the Lord has not forgotten you. The Lord has not left you, the Lord promises to always be with you (Matthew 28:20).

I felt so strongly as I sat with the Lord and sought His heart on this word, that for many you are feeling like you are in a “make or break” moment. This moment is either going to make you or break you. You have felt broken deeply in 2020, but there is a deep work the Holy Spirit is doing within you to bring you into a greater level of empowerment, intimacy, and strength in Him that you have not known before. You may feel broken, but the Spirit of God is fortifying you. When things are shaken, when things are broken and stolen by the enemy, the Lord promises to repay and restore. You have come to a deeper level of trust in Him and a deeper level of dependence upon Him and He will not fail you. Great is His faithfulness. He is bringing such a deep strengthening within you, where your roots are going down deeper into the One who never changes, our beautiful Jesus.

He is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. (Hebrews 13:8) The Lord wants to bring comfort to those of you struggling, where 2020 has deeply wearied you, where the enemy has tormented you, where the battle has been fierce and the attack has been intense, the enemy coming in time after time to wear you down, but friend of God, the Lord is bringing health and healing to you. You are being restored not later in 2021, NOW. The Lord has heard and is hearing the cries of many, the Lord is going to cause you by His Spirit to arise bolder, stronger, and with a greater fierceness and clarity of hearing than you have known.

You will not continue into 2021 as a wounded soldier, barely able to stand. The Lord is supernaturally strengthening you, by His Spirit, to stand stronger than you have ever stood.

You are moving by His Spirit into a season of BURNING in the Lord with a holy fire of passion, love, and adoration for the Lord at a level you have never experienced before. Many of you have been questioning “Have I lost my first love fire?”, the weariness has caused you to question your first love fire, the weariness has caused you to question your direction, the weariness has caused you to question your anointing, your gifting, your assignment, but the Lord is coming to meet you in power and your eyes locked with the One whose eyes are like flames of fire (Revelation 19:12) is going to IGNITE THE FIRE AGAIN. I hear those words surrounding the weary ones “I am coming in power to IGNITE THE FIRE AGAIN”.

The Lord has seen in the intense battles and trauma many of you have faced, that you have continued to cry out to the Lord, your heart has not been given to another, your heart has remained steadfast in the Lord, and the Lord is greatly pleased with your affection and adoration of Him. Many of you have been slapped by accusations of condemnation but the Lord is bringing comfort by His Spirit that He is coming in power to heal you of the weariness, heal you of the trauma, bring health to your soul again, and the fire of passionate love for Jesus will burn stronger than it ever has.

Jeremiah 30:17 surrounded me: “For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the LORD….” (ESV) Last week I had a dream and I heard the song “NEW WINE” by Hillsong playing over and over in my dream… VERSE 1: In the crushing In the pressing You are making new wine In the soil I now surrender You are breaking new ground PRE-CHORUS: So I yield to You and to Your careful hand When I trust You I don’t need to understand CHORUS: Make me Your vessel Make me an offering Make me whatever You want me to be I came here with nothing But all You have given me Jesus bring new wine out of me VERSE 2: In the crushing In the pressing You are making new wine In the soil, I now surrender You are breaking new ground VERSE TAG: You are breaking new ground BRIDGE: Where there is new wine There is new power There is new freedom The Kingdom is here I lay down my old flames To carry Your new fire today Music and Lyrics by Brooke Ligertwood, Lyrics from

In 2020 there has been a crushing, there has been a pressing, and, in the crushing, and the pressing there has been a deeper level of surrender that has flourished. As you move into 2021 you will see that the Lord has been making new wine out of you. There is new power, there is new freedom and there is fresh fire coming upon you. There have been deep pressings of the Lord by His hand, and there have been pressings by the enemy, and the truth is, the Lord is bringing healing and health to you where the enemy has killed, stolen, and destroyed and where the pressing of the Lord has been, new wine is about to flow.

Health, healing, maturity, and greater understanding is upon you in 2021 as you draw close to the Lord. I HEARD THE LORD SAY “TO THOSE WHO HAVE FACED ATTACK IN THEIR CONFIDENCE IN HEARING FROM ME TO YOU I SAY, 2021 WILL BE THE YEAR OF THE GREATEST CLARITY AND UNDERSTANDING OF MY PROPHETIC VOICE IN YOUR LIFE” Those of you who have faced numerous attacks in 2020 from the enemy that has shaken your confidence in hearing from the Lord and what the Lord is saying, take heart and be encouraged for the Lord is bringing great deliverance to you from this witchcraft spirit.

Many of you have “taken on” the attack as “you” in 2020. “What did I do wrong?”, “I must have missed it”, and the confusion has caused you to lose your confidence in hearing the Lord’s voice in your life, but I say to you today, you have been assaulted by a spirit of witchcraft coming with the specific assignment to cause you to lose your footing in your confidence in hearing from the Lord because the enemy is scared. Why? Because in 2021 as you lean into the Lord and stay in that place like Mary at the feet of Jesus listening to what He is saying, that beautiful place of intimacy, the Lord is going to raise you up with greater confidence, greater clarity, and understanding of His prophetic voice than ANY OTHER YEAR in your life.

The Lord is going to anoint you with the Spirit of wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of Him (Ephesians 1:17) as you ask, seek and knock and the Lord will use you in ways you have never imagined to release HIS VOICE into your spheres of influence and jurisdiction with greater clarity and understanding. The positioning of humility, the positioning of surrender and being deeply yielded to the Lord in 2020 in the secret place, in the broken, dark places where no one has seen, your yielding to the Lord and His ways in your life has prepared you for the PUBLIC PLACE in greater ways.

Friend, 2021 for many of you is your JUMPSTART. An accelerated JUMPSTART by the Holy Spirit to move into the assignments of the Lord that you have not yet even seen or imagined. You will not go into these new assignments, limping, you will go in EMPOWERED by the Holy Spirit, and infused with strength from on high, a POWER ENCOUNTER that will strengthen your feet to run, your arms to fight and the eyes and ears of your hearts to hear and see in new ways. I had a vision and I saw the Lord handing you a compass and a hammer. A compass representing remaining in the place of true north (Jesus) and following Him, a new clarity of direction, and a hammer, representing His voice and His Word in your life to build with Him and to shatter the strongholds of the enemy.

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