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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

May 12, 2020

Recently I had a very powerful encounter with the Lord in a dream and I heard Him speaking over the body of Christ. “I am going to SHOCK My people into alignment”

This was such a strong statement and a statement that communicated so clearly that what the Lord is about to do is going to jolt, shock, and shake at a level we haven’t experienced yet. It communicated the unexpected. It communicated an intense move, an intense jolting.

Now, what I do want to communicate here before I share the rest of the dream, is that I felt the heart of God in the love for His people so strongly. In the dream I had such an incredible sense of the love of God that the atmosphere declared “BECAUSE I love My people so much I am bringing a greater shaking and the purpose of the SHOCK is to bring My people into alignment with Me and My ways.”

The dream went on and I heard the Lord repeat the sentence again: “I am going to SHOCK My people into alignment”

This time when He spoke it I had two things clearly before me in the dream.

1. The restoration of the fear of God in the Church

2. A defribulator – the SHOCK to bring LIFE

The purpose of the SHOCK is to restore the fear of the Lord to the Church and it will act as a defribulator that is going to bring LIFE back to the Church, it is going to bring revival and awakening like we have not seen before.

There is a confronting move of God upon the Church. In some ways it will be uncomfortable for some, to some it will be offensive. There will be a dismantling. There will be a rearranging, a restaging, a repositioning that is going to take place. There is another level of shaking and firing that is coming to the Church and but this shaking and firing is to bring LIFE and to ALIGN God’s people, to resuscitate the Church in many ways and cause the true ecclesia to arise in victory, maturity and discernment.

The Lord has been speaking to me about the deep maturing that has to take place in the Church. The Lord is bringing a greater firing, refining and shaking to bring forth MATURITY. The Lord showed me that in this place of shaking and shocking His heart is to bring freedom, to bring positioning, to bring purification, refining and purifying to the Church.

This is a time to truly to be nestled close to the Lord listening to His heart and recognizing the time and season we are in. This is a time to truly be close to His heart and to be listening to what He is saying.

What God is going to do is going to be unexpected. Could it be that revival is going to look a lot different to what we expected? In the coming months in the “SHOCKING” or what may seem to be “INTENSE” remember that the Lord is “SHOCKING” to bring forth LIFE, to bring forth ALIGNMENT to the Church BECAUSE of His love for His people and the world. God is shaking all that can be shaken (Hebrews 12:27) and the shaking has just begun.

I have continued to have dreams about the shaking and the shocking and how He will not only SHOCK the Church into alignment but there is a greater SHOCKING coming to the nations to release the call of alignment and it has only just begun, but the SHOCKING is going to reveal our glorious King Jesus His power, His Majesty and that He is the One who sits in the heavens and laughs. (Psalm 2:4) The pride of man is going to be confronted in a greater way than we have ever seen as the SHOCK of the Lord’s hand takes place in the Church and the Earth and the revelation of GOD ALMIGHTY is going to resound in the earth louder than we have ever heard it. Awe and wonder will be the SOUND that will RESOUND!

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