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by Angela Muncie

Healing Rooms of Florida

As I was in corporate worship the Lord began to show me a vision. It was as if I was raised up above the US and looking down on the land. I could see the whole landmass of the USA. As I watched, I began to see what looked like explosions breaking out all over the map. As I kept watching, what at first looked like devastating events began to turn into what appeared to be red, white and blue fireworks. I then heard the Lord say, " They who would seek to destroy the fabric of the nation that I have birthed to carry My Name throughout the earth, have been caught in their own traps. What has looked like destruction has turned into a patriotic display of My Glory. I will elevate those who have stood for My righteousness and will cause their names to be made great. I will restore the foundations that many have tried to cover and destroy. You will again see lovers of Truth coming forth to pick up their rings. Take heart and do not fear for what is coming is much greater than what must be walked through to get there. I Am the Lord your God and I will never be made second. I rule and reign in the heavens and in the earth and all that has sought to hide My light will be destroyed in the traps that they themselves have set in desperation to control and remove my purposes for this generation. This is My decree.

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